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From the Project Director’s Desk

       The Project has entered the last year of its implementation and will formally conclude in july, 2017. The Project has achieved almost all the targets as per the schedule. Consolidation of the assets created at phase-out have already been taken up. The crucial issue at hand is the sustainability of the Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs), Eco-Development Committees (EDCs) and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) formed under them and assets such as Agroforestry plantations, Checkdams, Buildings etc. Created in the Project Emphasis has been laid on the creation of Revolving Fund (RF) of the JFMCs especially through sale of bamboos and other Non-Timber Forest Produces such as Black Cardamom, Broom Grass, Gandhaki etc.

       In the current year the project has been entrusted with the responsibility of harvesting and value addition of broom grass in all the districts of Tripura. This is one of the remarkable initiatives of the Project. In the current year, for the first time the Project has initiated the value addition of broom grass on pilot basis. In the current season about 800 MTs of grass has been collected which included 250 MT collected in the Value Addition RMUs.

       20 mini CCFCs were constructed for broom grass value addition in 11 Range Management Units (RMUs). About 250 MT of broom grass collected in these 11 RMUs will be made into brooms and will be sold within and outside the state.

      One of the unique features of the initiative of the current year is fixation of rate for green and dry broom grass & payment of the same directly to the people for harvesting. In this initiative 4500 families were benefited. This broom grass initiative is expected to create sustainable livelihoods to a large number of forest dwellers year after year.

Sri G.S. Raju (IFS, Addl PCCF)
CEO and Project Director,
Tripura JICA Project, India
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