Project Components

Sl No Components Major Sub-Components Major Work Components
1. Preparatory Work Survey and mapping of project area

Demarcation of JFM area

Socio-economic baseline survey
Approximately 7,023 km2 (forest land: 4,357 km2)

400 hamlets/groups of hamlets

500 hamlets/groups of hamlets (400 hamlets/groups
of hamlets+ 100 control hamlets for the comparison
of cases with and without project)
2. Strengthening of
Implementing Organization
Construction of PMU / NTFP Centre of Excellence building

Construction of DMU buildings

Construction of RMU buildings

Construction of residential quarters (DMU)

Construction of residential quarters (RMU) Vehicles
4500 m2

2,000 m2 (250 m2 x 8 DMUs)

4,500 m2 (150 m2 x 30 RMUs)

1,600 m2 (200 m2 x 8 DMUs)

3,600 m2 (120 m2 x 30 RMUs)

4WD x 6 (PMU), 4WD x 24 (DMU and RMU), Motorcycle x 66 (RMU)
3. Training for Implementing Organization Analysis of Training needs Trainings,
Study tours, Annual review seminars etc.
6,500 person days
4. Special Package for 16 Regrouped Villages (RGV) Forest resource augmentation

Community infrastructure development

CCFC satellite IGA activities

Soil and water conservation works
A R- 300 ha , Bamboo and cane -400 ha), ANR*-1,300 ha

Bamboo housing (2,100 units), Primary health care centres
(11 units), Vocational training centres
for JFM (960 m2 or 60m2 x 16), etc.

16 clusters

Constn. of 80 check dams
5. JFM Community Development Community organisation

Entry point activities

Livelihood development of shifting cultivators

Livelihood development of JFM villages

Soil and water conservation works

400 hamlets/groups of hamlets/JFMCs

12,000 m2 of vocational training centres for JFM (60 m2 x 200 JFMC), 10 km of footpath

At least 40 JFMCs, 175 SHGs (13 clusters)*

Maximum 360 JFMCs, 1,250 SHGs and 36 clusters*

400 large embankments, 1,600 medium embankments

400 JFMCs, 1,250 SHGs, 49 clusters
6. Forest Rehabilitation through JFM Micro-planning

Central nursery

Artificial Regeneration (AR)

Aided Natural Regeneration (ANR)

Conversion of mono-culture plantations

Rubber plantations

Central timber depots
400 JFMCs

Improvement (12) and new establishment (8)

27,500 ha (mixed plantations: 14,200 ha, bamboo direct sowing: 8,400 ha, bamboo seedlings: 4,900 ha)*

16,800 ha (Muli and other bamboos: 8,300 ha, mixed: 8,500 ha)*

6,700 ha*

2,100 ha*

7 units (one each for DMU except Trishna)
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